The Life Nomadik - One Family's Sailing Journey Around the World


We are a family living, traveling, learning and enjoying the world aboard a 38 foot catamaran Fata Morgana. We are Ivo, Mira and Maya

The Journey

This is a voyage into a new and unknown way of life. We have left behind work, school, home, and all those things that give us some false sense of security and comfort in order to find alternative ways of learning and experiencing the world. We are traveling and living aboard on a minimal budget. The most important aspect of our travels is our off-grid way of cruising. We produce our own solar power and fresh water, and we strictly sail. We also catch and eat a lot of fish.

How Did it All Start?

In November 2012, we piled up a bunch of clothes, books, and tools on a 1988 motor home and left our house in Canada in search of a boat. After five months on the road, we found our version of the "perfect boat". One that will be our home, our vehicle, and our school for an unknown number of years. We are traveling around the world and living full-time aboard Fata Morgana, a 2001 Robertson&Caine Leopard 38.

Blog Content

This is our travel journal. Here, you will find photos and stories from our travels and adventures, as well as stories of interesting people we meet along the way and articles concerning sailing, cruising, traveling, homeschooling and much more.

How To Navigate The Blog

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