Sailboats in Virginia

There were a few problems with our motor home, so we waited two days in Ashland, Virginia for our Baba Ghanoush to be fixed in a truck repair shop. We got new tires, front alignment, new springs, and repaired drag link. Total $1300… Big blow for our budget but still a lot less expensive than if we had done it in Canada. Now we are upgraded and there shouldn’t be anything major to repair any time soon.

Chuck (as in Chuck Norris), the mechanic who fixed the springs, the steering, and the alignment of Baba Ghanoush

Today, finally, we started looking at some boats.

And some of the boats looked back at us.

The people we met were happy to give us all sorts of advise.

Wayne from Texas

We learned a lot about where to look for a boat, what models are best for our needs, what size boat will be most suitable for extended cruising with two big kids.

Agricultural activities at the marina

The weather in York River Haven Yacht Club, Virginia is peacefully orange at sunset.

We didn’t find a good boat for us here, so tomorrow we will be going to Virginia beach. We will be visiting lots of marinas in Hampton.

We are hoping to find one there!

Maya is meditating on a circle of rope


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3 Responses to Sailboats in Virginia

  1. elisabeth says:

    Baba Ganhoush needed some TLC, love the snoby cat on the boat…..

  2. Curtis says:

    I was once told, ‘every no brings you closer to your yes’. Best of luck on your search for a suitible vessel!

  3. Cool cats and lovely picture of Maya meditating on the ropes!

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