Axis Mundi. Our Mandala House

After weeks of creating the intricate pattern of a sand mandala, as a meditation on impermanence, the sand is brushed together and placed in a body of running water to spread the blessings of the mandala.

Today I have disturbed all the spiders in our house. Some got their long legs twisted beyond repair while I was reaching for the farthest corners. (Stumbling cripples, so fragile they are.)

The world’s point of beginning: a connection between Heaven and Earth where the four compass directions converge, a place that is sacred above all: our house, has been disturbed.

We are leaving our house forever. The house where a bird once entered trough the open window two years ago, frantically flapping her wings, terrified, creating commotion for a brief minute before finding the open window again. The house where, four years ago, we placed the two rocks we found at the two ends of the continent: one white and perfectly oval like a dinosaur egg from a beach somewhere near Halifax, the other black-red, scorched by the belly of the under-earth, we found somewhere in California. The house where Maya, purple, was born, nine years ago. The house where my father came after so many years and stayed for a night. Is no longer our house.

One by one, every object disappeared. Every object we have so carefully placed in its place. Other people are having dinner at our table tonight. Maybe mashed potatoes or soup made out of snails. Kids I have never met are sitting on our couch watching a film on our TV tonight. A man and a woman who were born in Alger will make love in our bed tonight and the night after.

Tonight, I am sad, so sad. I never thought it would be so painful all this leaving thing. Leaving everything almost, except a few clothes, a few books, a few board games, and a photo camera.

From now on, we will live on a boat, and the boat will be our new mandala.

The boat we named: Fata Morgana.



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We are a family aboard a boat in search of freedom and adventure.
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8 Responses to Axis Mundi. Our Mandala House

  1. Tom Bodine says:

    Good luck, Fair weather, Following seas to you and yours

  2. RobD says:

    I feel the sadness in your words about your past life but look forward to the happiness in your words about the life to come!

    • lifenomadik says:

      There is always a line, a border, that needs to be crossed in order to get from one place to another, from one way of life to another, from the past to the future. The hardest part and the most unstable is the standing at the border-line itself. Once crossed, things start to fall in place. Just, we are at that line right now and it is a bit tough… But yes, we will be fine hopefully soon, every little thing is gonna be all right…Thanks for your encouraging words!

  3. nancy and pierrot says:

    we are both very understanding about your loss. You are finally free, no more anchor, free to discover life and love,one day at a time. Meditate, breath deep,exhale your land anchor and set it free to love its new family, keep the flow moving and you will naturally move ahead in LOVE……

  4. RichD says:

    I know this is a new adventure in your life and I hope to be along for the ride. My brother and I have had a lot of discussions lately about our future exodus. I can not wait to see how this turns out for you!

  5. Lora says:

    Like the name of the boat. Sounds very cool almost as cool as Baba Ganoush:)

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