The More We Sail, the Less We Yell

Since a few days now all that needed to be repaired and fixed on the boat is repaired and fixed. Fata Morgana is ready for sailing. And we sail pretty much every day, not more than a few hours, keeping close to shore.

Fata Morgana under sail.  -Photo by Tyler Bullock

Fata Morgana under sail.
-Photo by Tyler Bullock

Sometimes, our friend and boat-neighbour Tyler is coming with us, helping us and teaching us what to do and how, and sometimes we go sailing just the four of us in order to see if we can do it without help. We did it, all right, but we almost killed each other the first couple of times.

Everything in the beginning is stressful and difficult: anchoring and pulling the anchor up, hoisting the main sail and bringing it down, unfurling and furling the jib, adjusting the sails, tacking and jibing, reefing, even keeping a straight course, are all maneuvers that excite much screaming and panicking among the four of us.

– I told you to go port, not starboard!

– I did it! I am all the way to port! The boat doesn’t listen to me!

– Pull that rope!

– Which rope, what are you talking about?

– Use your common sense, god damn it!

– Fuck, we lost speed!

– It’s your fault!

– Watch out that other boat!

– Don’t scream at me, this is not a car, it reacts slowly!

– Don’t talk to me like that!

– We are drifting backwards!

– It’s not my fault!

– I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

I remember once reading a heated debate about guns on board: should we have some or not. Well, let me tell you, I wished I had a gun those two initiation sails, so I could kill everyone on board, believe me.

But then, we come back to the anchorage, drop the anchor in our usual spot and all goes back to normal. Life is beautiful again. Love is in the air.

Mira suntanning and enjoying the view on board Fata Morgana

Mira suntanning and enjoying the view on board Fata Morgana

People tell us all this is normal. “Happens to everyone in the beginning. You can tell the newbies when you see a boat approaching a quiet anchorage and everyone on board is screaming and panicking. It will get better as you learn, though. The yelling and hating will slowly diminish, your skills will improve, and sailing will be fun.

And I believe this is true, as each time we go sailing we do a lot better than the previous time. Now anchoring is a routine two-minute operation, hoisting the main sail is a few steps job which Maya and Viktor can do by themselves. As we are getting better at sailing we are also getting more relaxed and we begin to enjoy the ride. We don’t need guns on board any more.

Ivo at the helm, Mira and Viktor raising the mainsail -photo by Tylor Bullock

Ivo at the helm, Mira and Viktor raising the mainsail
-photo by Tylor Bullock


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6 Responses to The More We Sail, the Less We Yell

  1. Ivailo Nenchev says:

    Great job!! And the boat is looking just perfect. Can you post some technical specification of it, like lenght, water displacement, sails size and type, engines’ power and so on…

  2. Although the yelling might diminish, it won’t disappear. This post gave me a good giggle for the amount of times I’ve heard yelling on the boat. It’s always good to remember there is only one captain who gives all the directions, otherwise it turns into a massive schemozzle.

    • lifenomadik says:

      Schemozzle, hahah! I might use this word in some of my next titles. „The Massive Schemozzle“ depending on what happens…

      I agree, one captain, but our „captain“ doesn’t speak the nautical language yet, and so his directions are like: Pull there- Where? What?….yea, we are hanging here… It’s fun though, we know it will get better with time.

  3. Kendall says:


  4. RobD says:

    I sailed for some time before meeting my now familty (wife and 2 step daughters) and this post reminded me of our first few times out as a family on our new to us boat. It was me on the coach roof trying to stack the sails while yelling back to the cockpit „Keep the bow INTO the wind…INTO. Keep the wind on your face!“. Ah….memories. Now your family has them too!

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