Doctor Ivo’s Floating Orthopedics

*The name Ivo is pronounced with an e (eevo) and sounds much like evil

One day Stacy and Ryan drop by for beers. Stacy is not feeling too good. She has stepped on some broken glass on the dinghy dock and has two cuts on her left foot. After about a week she is still in pain and her infected foot looks worst than before. Ivo examines it and immediately admits Stacy for an emergency night operation aboard Fata Morgana. Using a razorblade and alcohol for disinfection, he first removes the dead skin and scrapes off the decaying flesh inside the wound. Stacy is suffering quietly, she is so brave. The only anesthesia she gets is a shot of rum. She says the cutting hurts less than the alcohol Ivo pours over the open wound.




Maya is assisting Doctor Ivo holding a spotlight and staring at the operation. I couldn’t do this… I am taking pictures from the opposite side. Just thinking about the open wound: putrid meat oozing with blood, makes my stomach turn. But Maya is brave, like Ivo, and maybe one day she will be the one operating. She learns so much from her dad.

That first night Ivo cleans one of the two cuts and does the second one couple of days later, again in the dark.  This time Ryan is the assistant. He is so impressed with Ivo’s surgical skills, says Ivo is better than any general doctor he has encountered in America, and since the operation calls him Doctor Ivo (which is a much better nickname than The Bulgarian Flying Hummer, I think…).




Today, Doctor Ivo is treating new patients at his private nocturnal cabinet. The doctor works in his swimsuit and only at night, using cutting-edge technologies such as razorblades and tissues soaked in alcohol. Bring your own rum if you prefer a bit of anaesthesia before, during, or after an operation. Tips in the form of fish, lobsters, beers, buckets, and others are always welcome.

If your feet are in such a bad state that you cannot walk any longer, the floating cabinet can sail over to you anywhere on the planet.

D-r Ivo

D-r Ivo



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5 Responses to Doctor Ivo’s Floating Orthopedics

  1. Hahahaha….My nickname, that Joro gave me is Doctor House….

    Nice job, but why in the dark? Isn’t it better to do surgery during daylight?

    • lifenomadik says:

      Well, it was an improvised surgery the first time, the doctor declared emergency, and did it on the spot. It was dark, but had to be done…

      After two days he did the second one at night again for the same reasons…

  2. Joyce says:

    Agree……….surgeries should be performed during daylight and surgical gloves should be worn at all times to protect patient and person operating. How is the patient recovering?

  3. Marie Nicole says:

    Ha! Living on a boat, one must do however one must do. I had a friend nearly passed from an accidental jibe. We hailed him and hailed on the radio, we assumed he was down below watching TV. We don’t take sailing nearly as seriously as we should. Or maybe most take too seriously…

    She looks like she’s got oodles of bug bites! Here in Mexico we use this thing called Trebadoce. It’s a full vitamin B package we take in a shot. The needle hurts, but it’s worth it – no more bug bites!

    p.s. I would be right by your side taking pics, your description alone had me tasting the bile…

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