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A while ago we got nominated by the guys @WeTravelAndBlog  for a Liebster Award. Thank you, Jade&Gabriel for the nomination!

First we panicked.

Then we felt soooo honored, like Johny Depp at the Academy Awards.

Photo by Steve Granitz - ©

Photo by Steve Granitz – ©


But WHAT is this Liebster Award, anyway?


The Liebster Award is not really an award. It is not even a lobster that you catch under a rock, boil it, and then eat it. It is more like a way to connect with and promote travel blogs, especially not-so-popular blogs that people haven’t discovered yet. Everyone is a winner!





Answer questions from the nominator and nominate other blogs you admire and want others to discover.

Here are the answers to We Travel And Blog questions:

1. Has travel ever made you cry?


Traveling is a crying business, especially by sailboat. It starts even before you set off.

You begin crying when it is time to leave everything behind: your friends and relatives, your old house, most of your stuff. Then you cry some more when you buy the boat and start fixing it and you realize you are broke.

Then you start traveling. But you cry again when you get to a place so beautiful, so perfect you never want to leave it, but you have to.

When you see a blue butterfly in a deep limestone canyon for the first time: you cry.

You meet people and you make friends you don’t want to lose just yet but it is time to go again: you cry.

You hear the unearthly cries of the howler monkeys at dawn in a remote corner of the world: you cry too.

You hit a storm in the middle of the night miles from land and you are sure the boat will not take it. You cry again.

You go snorkeling in an underwater cave and water enters your goggles: you cry.

Even swimming pigs sometimes makes you cry when they kick you underwater, no hard feelings…

The list is getting too long, I have to stop or I might start…you know…

2. If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

I don’t see why I wouldn’t be blogging, what a preposterous idea! Even the very first explorers were blog-addicts. Christopher Columbus was writing a (b)log and it was so popular the king of Spain was reading it. Blogging is important, it inspires people, but it also teaches the one who is writing it a lot.

This question makes me panic. I don’t know! If I weren’t blogging I would probably be sitting in a dark room, locked from the outside, trembling.

3. If money weren’t an object, and you could only ever have one more adventure, what epicness would you pick?

Sailing around the world and visit all the exciting places on the way. But if I have to choose only one, it would be: tour India for as long as it takes to “feel at home” there.

4.What’s your traveler pet peeve?

We get really irritated when someone is catching fish and we are not. We also hate jet-skis. But most of all, we get an allergic reaction to sailboats motoring.

5. Do you have any role models? Who?


Many: Jacques Cousteau, Bear Grills, Buddha, Jack Kerouac, Genghis Khan, Khan Asparouh, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Columbus, all gypsies, refugees, sailors, astronauts, the Bajau people, the people of Mongolia, every other traveller on our way, the loggerhead turtles, blue wales, and Canadian geese, and many more.

 6. City hustle or remote landscapes?

Both: Bombay, Singapore, Istanbul or Nepal, Antarctica, Mongolia, the Amazon jungles or Patagonia, we want to experience it all.

 7. What are you more likely to do, visit a famously “haunted” landmark, or cross a rickety rope bridge across a giant canyon?

We’ll take the canyon any time. But we will not refuse the haunted landmark either.

8.Dirty hostel or overpriced luxury room?

Dirty hostel, bring it on! Ivo and I would go to the hostel but the kids will take the expensive hotel room for sure. (I wonder who will pay for the hotel for the kids, though… I suspect they will show up at the dirty hostel, grumpy, after they realize the luxury room is not worth it.)

But, there is a third choice we prefer: staying at new local friends’ homes.

9. What’s the worst habit you have that you can’t seem to shake.


Traveling. Sleeping.

10.When did the travel bug bite cha?

Maybe two years ago when we met Steve in Vancouver. He lives on a boat with his family and has traveled the world. He told us “Go, do it now!”.

Or maybe seven years ago when a friend took us sailing on his boat and told us all about his secret dream to cruise the globe “Life can be different, you know”.

Or maybe twenty years ago when we first met, Ivo and I, and begun our long journey together across rivers and mountains.

Or maybe thirty years ago when my father who was a sailor on a big ferryboat took me for a trip from Varna to Odessa.

I really don’t know…The bug has been biting us repeatedly all these years, I guess.

The blogs we have nominated are:

 Favorite blogs of people we have met and befriended on our journey:




#1 – Travel By Foote

„All fires have three things in common: they start, they  burn for a bit, and then they go out.  There’s no such thing as a never-ending fire.

Some fires are tame, burn slowly for a long time and then gradually extinguish themselves.  Some fires burn like hell, are full of pops and crackles, use entirely too much fuel and oxygen too fast, offer grand spectacle, and die at 27 minutes old.

The more you try to contain the fire and direction of the flames, the less enchanting the fire is.  Propane fireplaces just don’t draw eyes the way disappearing logs can.  And a fireplace with fresh chopped wood will never silence a group of humans the way a campfire will.“- Mike




#2 – S/V Dolphin

„Right now i have crazy boatyard managers who threaten my freedom, fiberglass dust covering everything I own, voracious no-see-ums who bite me in the eyeball from the hours of 6-8 daily, termites piled an inch deep, dew in the evenings, heat in the day, not enough money, mental and physical near exhaustion and a vision that eclipses all that. “ -Rebecca


#3 – Sailing Kiawah


#4 – Levoyagedesuricats (French)


#5 – impetuoustoo

And a couple of blogs/facebook pages we found through Facebook:

#6 – To travel Too


#7 – Travel Diaries


And now, my 10 questions for the blogs we have nominated:

1.       What are you?

2.       What are you looking for? Did you find it?

3.       How many footsteps have you left on the surface of the planet, in total?

4.       Who would be the one person you would love to travel with?

5.       What are the top 5 things-to-do or places-to-visit on your bucket list?

6.       What are your thoughts on school and the school system in general?

7.       How do you fight with boredom and/or cabin fever?

8.       What is the meaning of life?

9.       What is the most unexpectedly-amazing place you ever been to?

10.   What important things has traveling thought you?



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