Passage South. Long Island to Crooked Island

Map of our Passage South

Map of our Passage South

Day 1– George Town to Long Island

Day 2

Sunday, March 9

In the afternoon, after snorkeling in Dean’s Blue Hole for a few hours, we continue sailing south along Long Island west bank for 15 NM more. We round Long Island South Point around 5 p.m. and set course for Crooked Island, some 30 NM southeast, across Crooked Island Passage.

The wind is from northeast at 10-15 kt, dropping to 2-6 kt for a few hours, and then picking up to 10-12 kt again. The seas are calm, the sailing is beautiful.

We arrive in Pittstown, on the northwest side of Crooked Island, in the middle of the night, 3:30 a.m., and drop anchor exactly where the charts indicate an anchorage. The place doesn’t really look like an anchorage, a long straight shoreline exposed to northwest, west, and southwest winds and swells, but we calculated that in the northeast to east winds we are getting, it would be calm and smooth as a lake. And it is.




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