Passage South. Aclins to Mayaguana

Day 1 George Town to Long Island

Day 2 Long Island to Crooked Island

Day 3 Crooked island to Aclins

Passage South Map

Passage South Map

Day 4 Aclins to Mayaguana

Wednesday, March 12

We sail east from Aklins Island to Mayaguana, passing the Plana Cays on the north side and doing one big tack inside the Myaguana Passage. The current here is about 1 kt against us. We are getting southeast winds, very light, no big waves, the boat is happy, doing about 4 kts, no stress, no banging. Yes, we will get to destination, Betsy Bay on the west coast of Mayaguana, in the middle of the night again, but who cares?

In the Mayaguana Passage one of the fishing poles we are trolling behind the boat hooks something big. It is just after sunset. It takes Evo quite some time to bring the fish up after a fight of epic proportions. I try to slow down the boat pointing into the wind, as the speed, about 6 kts now, makes it harder to bring the fish.

It is a big-eye tuna, 30 pounds of light-red flesh, the biggest fish we ever caught.

Evo with tuna

Evo with tuna

Once on board, it feels like we have a visitor, someone we don’t know. The fish, lying on his side, trembling, one eye looking at us, is frightened.  We feel guilty, ask Neptune for forgiveness and mercy on our souls. A great big fish is dying on us. We respect him and love him. He is our brother, and we will eat him.

30-pound tuna

30-pound tuna

It is the best tasting fish the first time we eat from it, but after a week of tuna-sushi, tuna in tomato sauce, grilled tuna-fillet with lemon and pepper, we feel we have overdosed on tuna and just want to eat chicken again…

Tuna chops

Tuna chops


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One Response to Passage South. Aclins to Mayaguana

  1. Nikolay says:

    That is a catch! Wunderbar!
    Sail safe 🙂

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