Kayak Expedition to Rio Fajardo

The anchorage in Fajardo on the east side of Puerto Rico is situated inside a river delta. Today for the first time we went on a short river expedition with our NEW kayak- stronger, bigger, lighter.


After only about 10 minutes of paddling we entered the river Rio Fajardo, which flows slowly on the edge of a small fishermen village.


Sudden cries of herons and panicking waterhens disturbed the stillness of this place. A fisherman was fishing.


Huge green iguanas lurked in the branches of trees hanging over the river.


A heron who thought himself very beautiful was admiring his own reflection in the brown river waters.


But what we liked the most was the cleanness of this place- not a single piece of garbage floating on the surface of the river or stuck in the grass near the shores, even thought the river passes through a residential area.


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