What are we going to do?


The plan has changed. Again.

It’s funny how cruisers change their plans all the time. Often when we ask fellow cruisers where they are going to be in February or when are they going to be on that island in Vanuatu, the answer is We have no idea. Often, you start for one place, but because of weather or a breakdown you end up in another. The circumstances change, or we change our ideas, and then the plans change too. As the saying goes “Our plans are written in the sand at low tide.”

Our plan to sail to the Solomon Islands, then Papua New Guinea by the end of 2017, then Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in 2018 has changed when we decided to sell Fata Morgana in New Zealand and move to a bigger boat back in the Caribbean or in the Mediterranean region. We wanted a bigger boat with four cabins for charter guests, as a way to make some money while living on a boat.

We placed Fata Morgana for sale in August 2017 when we were in Fiji. Shortly after, the hurricanes came.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was a hyperactive, deadly, and extremely destructive, as well as the costliest season on record. Hurricane Irma and Maria devastated entire islands and communities, wiped out or damaged many yachting destinations and destroyed thousands of boats.

Even though the hurricanes didn’t affect us directly, as we were safe on the other side of the world, they affected the boat market, as well as our future plans.

Selling the boat in New Zealand remained a possibility, but buying a boat in the Caribbean and spending the next few seasons there became uncertain.

We decided to wait. To take some time off. After selling Fata Morgana we decided go back and live on land for a few years. The more we thought about it, the more it made sense, the more reasons we found, and we felt good about this decision. The time felt also good, after five years of full-time non-stop living aboard.

Maya is now 14 and will have the opportunity to graduate high school back in Canada and continue her studies if that’s what she wants. She can finally take piano  and dance lessons, enlist in the Canadian Cadets, have permanent friends and do all those things she couldn’t do on a boat.

In Canada we will reunite with our son Viktor, who is already 20-years-old and we miss him more and more every day.

I will have time to finally sit down and write that book I was planning to write since a few years, which is now a defined project in my head, ready to be put on paper. A book about one family’s dreams and illusions.

We will work, look for home, buy a car. We will go back to “normal” life and it’s not going to be easy, but it’s not going to be hard either.

Actually, we have never had a normal life and I sometimes wonder what it would feel like. We left Bulgaria, our families and friends, when we were barely 22-years-old, and arrived in Canada to start a new and better life. We had a house in which we barely lived, as we worked as long-distance truck drivers, both Ivo and I, the kids with us in the small cabin, travelling all over Canada and USA for years. Maya was practically born and raised in a truck, before moving into a boat.

After traveling some more around New Zealand and possibly Australia in the next few months, we are going to fly back to Canada and live in Vancouver area. What exactly are we going to do and how is once again uncertain, but I suspect it’s not going to be a very conventional comeback to land-life. After living on wheels and then on a boat, after visiting so many places, meeting so many people and learning so many things, it will be almost impossible for us to just get plugged back in the system and suddenly stop. I suspect that we will keep traveling, keep learning, keep looking for alternatives, even without a boat. We have many ideas, and if you are still interested we will keep sharing them with you, our followers and supporters, fellow adventurers, travelers and dreamers. Our Life Nomadik will continue one way or another and I suspect it’s going to be epic. We didn’t reach Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, Europe, and so many other destinations by boat, so now we will have to find other ways of traveling there (always as cheaply and amazingly interesting as possible.) We accept ideas and offers!

When we told our friends and parents, five years ago, that we are selling the house and buying a sailboat and then getting the kids out of school, leaving work and moving on the boat, sailing from island to island with no particular plans, they looked at us with a mixture of worry, disbelief and condemnation. You are crazy and irresponsible, they said. DON’T DO IT! We knew we are crazy but we did it anyway and we are not sorry.

Today the reverse is happening… Many are disappointed with our decision to sell the boat and move back on land, but such is life- things change and it’s time for a change.

In the past five years we visited more places and had more adventures than most people will never experience in a lifetime. It has been a great journey of discovery, both world and self-discovery. And it was a privilege to be able to share it with so many people via the blog and the short videos we made. We will keep making them and writing stories in the next months, as the best stories and adventures are still untold. We have amazing footage from Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia, so we will be publishing many more episodes in the future, and written stories. We are planning an expedition on land to New Zealand’s South Island and possibly Australia in February and March, so we will have even more material and footage for films and articles. And then, who knows! Keep following us to find out!

Maya told me a few days ago, that she is not afraid to die and if she dies now, her life has been complete, because so many awesome things have already happened to her. I was terrified! No, your life is not complete, it’s just beginning now and a lot more is ahead of you! You don’t have to compare with the majority and become satisfied with what you have accomplished just because it is more than the next person. You need to strive for more and better accomplishments and knowledge, to develop your potential and talent, to seek happiness and improve yourself and your environment. Life is an adventure, with or without a boat, and yours is going to be even more fascinating than you can imagine. You can become a marine scientist, or an artist, you can go to Antarctica or visit the moon! Five years on a boat halfway around the world is nothing yet! Keep going!

We want to thank our Patrons, the 56 people who are supporting us and helped us incredibly enormously, especially in the past few months, which have been a bit difficult for us financially. Those of you, who send us 1 and 2 dollars each month have helped us cover our internet expenses, so that we can keep posting and uploading stories, photos and videos. Those of you who send us 5 dollars every month helped us move forward, paying for boat fuel or transportation on land. Our 10-dollar Patrons ensured that the entry fees to the different countries, visas and other formalities were in order. And thanks to our 20 and 50-dollar and plus Patrons we could buy food for a month and even share some with the friendly islanders in Vanuatu. This is how you kept us going and we will never forget it, hoping that some day we can do the same for you and others.

Some of you, fellow cruisers and sailors, or dreamers planning to sail around the world some day too, have been following and supporting us mainly because we sail and live on a boat. We completely understand if you no longer find a reason to support us, now that we are selling the boat and moving on land and we will understand if you decide to stop your monthly subscription. We are grateful to all of you and hope to be able to return your kindness in the same or in a different way some day.

We will keep the videos and blog stories coming in the next months, as we have a lot of footage to work with and even more footage is coming up, as we visit some more of New Zealand’s wonders. We will also continue the special Behind-the-Scenes and Sailing&Cruising monthly articles with extra information for our 5 and 10+ dollar Patrons, sharing what we have learned.

To those of you who decide to keep their subscription for a few more months, while we keep publishing videos- we are grateful and touched!

Thank you all!

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3 Responses to What are we going to do?

  1. djelal hassan says:

    Life is an adventure, with or without a boat , you said it . What is interesting about your travels was not what you was travelling with but how you face the life challenges that was coming your way and how you all growing because of it . You can travel with anything in anywhere and your life adventures will be interesting to watching the process unfolding . I am looking forward to your new adventures whatever vessel you choose to travel with . Amazing people , Peace and love .

  2. Nick says:

    While a bit disappointed you won’t be continuing on water I am happy for you that this decision feels right for you. I look forward to seeing how it works out for you.
    All the best.

  3. Bruce&Anne says:

    Thank YOU Mira. It been a joy to follow your family‘s adventures across the oceans. While we wish you all the very best for your life ahead, we will always cherish our memoriesof you three on Fata Morgana. Fare well.

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