A Perfect Day At Sea


Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue



„What is your favorite color?“

„I love the colors around me“

It’s so peaceful. The world flows all around us. The sea, like a little girl gently carrying a butterfly on the palm of her hand carries our little boat, her white wings luminous against the sun. The liquid blue is poring beneath. I could dip my brush inside the ocean and paint blue jays, sapphires, eyes, moons, igloos at dusk, forget-me-nots till the rest of my life. My vision has become equine.

Some days at sea are truly perfect. Such days begin with a perfect candy-colored sunrise and end with a perfect candy-colored sunset. Orange, purple and pink clouds burst over the horizon during those two short spectacular moments, and then: just blue again. We sail.

Blue dolphins.

„Why do dolphins make us act like idiots?“

„I think they heard the music, some funny song they probably like, and that is why they came to dance around us.“

And we lough and we giggle, we call them and talk to them as if they understand. Surely they understand.

Blue wind.

„Wind is blowing from the right direction with the right velocity: five on the Beaufort scale. That is not too much and it is not too little.“

„It is perfect“

The sails are full and tight and shiny like the belly of a pregnant woman. We sail.

We fish. Fishing is important. We stick two fishing poles on both sides of the boat so that they are really stable and will not fall in the water when the fish pulls. Thus we don’t have to hold the fishing poles. We let the lures drag about five waves behind the boat. We wait and we listen for the sudden hiss of the line. Both lines pull almost at the same time! First one and a second later the other! Swish. (One). Swish. We panic. But it is a happy panic full of excitement. We bring in two identical tunas. Twins. The next couple of days, we don’t fish.

Some days at sea are truly perfect. This was one such day. Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico. And it happened to be my birthday, I am not joking. The sunrise, the blue of the sea, the wind, the dolphins, two tunas, a perfect sunset. Neptune sending me gifts.



Mira and her Birthday Gifts

Mira and her Birthday Gifts


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