Viktor’s Trip Achievement List. Difficulty Level/Points : 1-6

People ask How is Viktor doing? I usually answer: He mostly stays on the boat and plays video games. He is actually programming a video game. Whatever it is, I get pissed off. I wish he would stop being lazy, antisocial, and plugged all the time and gets out a bit more. He has been in denial about our boat trip and we have been fighting a lot, until today. He just announced he wants to learn everything there is about sailing and become a captain!

It is not easy for a 15-year-old guy leaving behind everything he knows: his home, school and friends, and being stuck on a tiny boat with his parents and a younger sister 24/7. It takes time to adjust to a new life at that age. He mostly misses his friends.  And they miss him too. Check out what his best friend Nikola did for him.

Viktor’s trip achievement list was inspired by video games and sent to him via e-mail by his best friend back in Montreal, Nicola Guekov.

Nick and Vick  in 2008

Nicola and Viktor
in 2008

1)My pet rock
Find a pet rock and name it rockio. : 1

2)Rockio heh
eat 100 tacos during your whole trip. : 1

3)Hooker daisy
Find a hooker named daisy and give her a high five. : 4

4)Lost relic
Find a necklace in public and bury it under the sand on a beach. : 2

5)Journey of a life time
Spend 1 whole year on the trip. : 1

6)Yucky green
eat some raw seaweed. : 1

Find a wild sword fish and touch it. : 2

8)Slippery hands
Touch 100 wild fish. : 2

9)Bigote mexicano
Find a Mexican and comb his moustache. : 5

10)Seafood express
In a seafood restaurant order 5 different meals and eat them,you may have a helper but the order must be yours. : 3

11)Wrinkled skin
On a beach go for a swim and stay in the water for at least 1 hour. : 2

12)Lazy pancy
On a beach stay on the sand and rest for at least 1 hour. : 2

13)You you’re ok, this one, REAL FUCKIN UGLY
Find a pare of black shades and wear them for 3 hours straight. : 1

14)Ivo dedication
Shave you’re head. : 3

15)Far far away
Sail fair enough to not see any land. : 2

16)Fuck you greg
Find a shiny male numel without a gameshark or hacks. : 5

17)Scared lips
Find a NON poisonous blow fish and kiss it. : 3

Hit a boat with your boat. : 4

19)Harpoon kid
Catch 5 fish with the harpoon gun. : 1

20)Harpoon wielder
Catch 25 fish with the harpoon gun. : 1

21)Harpoon hunter
Catch 50 fish with the harpoon gun. : 2

22)Harpoon god
Catch a whale with a harpoon gun. : 2

Find a pineapple under the sea. : 4

24)Lost city

25)Library lurker
Read 5 books in a library. : 1

26)Space connection
Acquire internet for the boat. : 1

Play online with nick from the boat. : 1

28)Zero motivation
Disagree with whatever your parents want you to do 5 times. : 3

29)Bulk up
During your trip workout enough to get muscles and keep them. : 2

30)The green past
Go back to being a vegetarian for 1 week. : 2

31)Endless hunger
During your trip for one day do not eat. : 2

32)Day of birth
During your trip reach the age of 16. : 1

Help your mother with a post on her blog : 1

34)Internet star
Do something crazy enough that’s worth mentioning in the blog. : 2

35)The kid on the block
Get acquainted with 5 new people. : 2

36)Magic destroyer
Beat someone you have met during your trip in MTG. : 2

37)Mini engineer
Help your father to fix the boat. : 1

38)Treasure hunter
Find something underwater that’s worth keeping. : 3

39)The alpha male
During your trip get a girlfriend. : 3

40)Viktorai tha PIMP
During your trip get 5 different girlfriends. : 5

41)Dirty Dee
During your trip do not shower for 1 full week. : 2

42)Spice searcher
Visit India and acquire some spices. : 5

43)Indian enemy
visit India and take a shit on ground in their land. : 6

44)World trader
While you are in the ocean trade something with another boat. : 3

45)Mind of an RPG
Create an RPG game. : 2

46)Bottle capzz
During your trip collect over 1000 bottle caps. : 5

47)The loner
Spend a night on the boat far away from land. : 2

Find a sea monster. : 6

49)Another killing on the dancefloor
Dance in a party that is hosted on a boat. : 4

50)Frozen tongue
During your trip eat at least 50 ice creams. : 3

51)Impenetrable defense
During your trip do not get sick. : 4

52)Ocean rodeo
During your trip find a seahorse and name it Horsilicok. : 3

53)Maya’s present
Fart in Maya’s face. : 1

54)The lie
Turn your boat into a spacecraft. : 6

55)Fancy Georgiev
During your trip on a day with your family eat breakfast,lunch and dinner in restaurants. : 3

56)For Pete’s sake
Sneak out from the boat at night and jump in the water when everyone is asleep. : 2

Dive under the boat from one side to another. : 1

58)Sand savior
Dive underwater and grab a handful of sand and bring it back to the surface. : 2

59)Did something touch my foot
At night in the boat watch at least 2 scary movies related to the sea and after go for a swim for at least 20 minutes. : 2

On the boat stay up all night and stay busy 5 times. : 2

During your trip acquire 5 new different video games. : 1

62)Action movie
During your trip ride a jet ski alone. : 1

63)Serious air
During your trip somehow stay in the air for more than 10 minutes. : 2

64)Human jaws
Eat a shark. : 1

surf on the beach. : 1

66)Alien food
During your trip eat at least 100 sushis. : 2

67)The ancient stuff
During your trip watch all of the episodes of ancient aliens. : 5

68)Mineral boy
Find something made of gold or gold itself. : 3

69)Sea rover
Find a real life pirate. : 2

70)Sea rover +
Find a pirate with an eye patch. : 3

71)Stranded fellow
Find a person who is stranded on an island. : 4

Find a genie lamp and wish for an infinity supply of sesame seeds. : 6

73)Unforgettable Vacation
Spend 2 years on the trip. : 2

74)Hawaiian style
Attend a hawaiian themed party and ruin the party by taking a diarrhea dump on the dance floor or if there is no dance floor on a table. : 4

75)My friend the ocean
During your trip never get sea sick. : 3

76)Yellow assassin
While in the water take a full piss next to someone without being caught. : 3

77)Green assassin
While in the water puke behind someone without being caught. : 4

78)Brown assassin
While in the water draw something on a piece of paper with a brown crayon without being caught. : 2

79)Naked assault
While in the water remove your swimming trunks and go super close to someone. : 5

80)World traveler
By boat visit 20 different docks. : 4

81)Aquatic lungs
Hold your breath underwater for at least 4:31 minutes. : 3

82)My own way
While all your family members are in the water go take a shower. : 1

83)Towel saboteur
While in the water with 3 or more people sneak out and throw their towels in the water without being noticed. : 4

84)Swamp crook
Visit 5 different swamps. : 4

85)Jungle boy
Jump in a lake by swinging from a rope/vine etc.. : 3

Find a bottle with a message in it in the ocean. : 4

87)Medical boat
Out in the ocean find a boat with a injured passenger and help them feel better. : 4

88)Life saver
Help someone who is drowning survive. : 3

While on the boat push Maya in the water without her knowing that you will. : 2

90)Midnight swim
At night swim 50 Meters away from the boat. : 2

91)Shits ahoy captain
Pilot the boat without your dad’s permission. : 2

92)Water game genie
Flawlessly win a game of marco polo by never becoming „it“. : 1

Spend 3 years on the trip. : 4

94)Day of birth 2
Reach the age of 17 on the trip. : 2

95)One for the price of two
While fishing catch 2 fish with the same hook before reeling in. : 4

96)While he was riding his bike there was a lightning strike and now he reads real fast he’s good at science and math
During your trip visit a black doctor. : 2

During your trip find a sailor with white hair and a pipe in his mouth that like fish sticks. : 3

98)Ocean lover
By boat visit the pacific and atlantic ocean. : 4

99)False nick
During your whole trip do not encounter any inconveniences. : 5

100)Oh and before i leave…
End your trip by coming back to Canada. : 7

*We will be posting regularly and updating Viktor’s achievements and score.

Nick  2008