Laundry On The Boat

Ah, the laundry post!

There isn’t a respectable sailing blog without a heroic laundry post, explaining how it is a huge achievement to wash clothes aboard the boat with seawater and dry them in the breeze hanging them from the mast…  And the pubic is full of admiration and esteem.

We, Americans, Canadians, First World, First Class citizens, are addicted to certain technological comforts and doing without is an act of bravery.

So here we, go:

We, the Nomadiks, like to announce to all: we are doing laundry on the boat! Washing clothes by hand with seawater, rinsing twice in rainwater which we collect through a very complicated system in buckets and coolers. Then, we hang the laundry from lines and rigging, and the sight of this colorful installation amazes the tourists piled up on sunset cruises, who turn their cameras toward our boat, neglecting for a short second the setting sun. I mean, it must be quite a sight if the sunset becomes secondary.

And we don’t limit ourselves to shorts and t-shirts. When Ivo steps in, Ivo steps literally IN (in a 5-gallon bucket where he stomps with his feet bed sheets and even blankets!)

The electric washing machine was invented in 1908 by Alva J. Fisher, Google told me. How did people live before that is no longer a mystery.