The Boat

The Boat

Fata Morgana is a 38-foot catamaran Robertson & Caine Leopard built in 2001 in South Africa, made heavy and sturdy, able to take some nasty weather.

Fata Morgana, Leopard 38, 2001

Fata Morgana, Leopard 38, 2001


With three state cabins and a big cockpit, she has enough space for the three of us plus guests, and is a very comfortable boat.

Galley and saloon

Galley and saloon

A catamaran is a perfect choice for a family with kids. Fata is our first boat ever and we feel lucky to have chosen her. (If you are curious about the name read more here). We bought the boat in Florida in April 2013 and fixed and up-dated a bunch of things thus transforming her into our unique off-grid vessel.

Off-The-Grid Boat

On the hard top (homemade by us) we installed 5 humongous solar panels producing 1,500 W pure solar energy, and we replaced the 12 deep cycle batteries with 4 lithium batteries. It is enough to have our fridge, the biggest electricity consumer, turned on 24/7, and to produce as much freshwater as we need with our watermaker, also installed by us. We don’t have a generator aboard.

fata Morgana can spend indefinate time at anchor in the most remote places of the planet without the need to take fuel or fresh water.

Fata Morgana can spend indefinite time at anchor in the most remote places of the planet without the need to take fuel or fresh water.

Thus we don’t have to turn on the engines for electricity and we never have to buy freashwater. For more about our solar installation read here.

Fata Morgana from above

Fata Morgana from above

Strictly Sailing

We also strictly sail even when we enter and exit anchorages and drop and lift anchor, so we rarely fuel.  Thus, we are completely off-grid, eco-friendly, and independent, traveling the world on a minimal budget.




11 Responses to The Boat

  1. Greg says:

    Enjoying reading your blog! On “The Boat” page, last sentence, I’m guessing you meant to say “money” instead of “many”?

    “Thus, we are completely off-grid and independent and we hardly spend any many.”

  2. Zharko says:

    Браво! Радвате ме!

  3. Tony says:

    its amazing what you do fooks. Have a safe and great trip.

    Some questions:
    -how much do you spent yearly on maintenance?
    -what is your living budget?

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hi Tony, thank you for the questions! Every cruising person/couple/family have different lifestyles and very much different budget (same as people living on land), so how much we spend is not going to give you an objective idea on how much other cruisers spend… We tend to spend a lot less, as we don’t use much fuel, don’t go to restaurants and eat the cheapest food, don’t take taxis, don’t go to marinas, and Ivo does most of the boat works himself, etc. After investing in many expensive boat electronics and systems, solar panels and watermaker, we are now trying to live off-grid and extend our budget as much as possible, so we spend about $2-300 per month for food and expenses, and about $1-3000 per year for boat maintenance, but this figures are very approximate and if something major breaks, the expenses skyrocket….

  4. Kalina Pavlova says:

    Hi gays, this what you are doing is without price, it is priceless !!!!
    Enjoy every moment like I am sure you are ! Congrats !

  5. Wave Dancer says:

    Great venture! Keep on going, good luck and fair winds!

  6. Your lifestyle is so awesome!

    I’m a nomad blogger as well but I have always wanted to live in a boat.


  7. Rudolf (Rudy) Mandorfer says:

    Dear all @ Fata Morgana!
    I am interested to buy a second Hand Leopard 39, which is practically based on the former 38 – your boat, but with original hard top and some minor improvement in the interior.
    I am therefore very interested to get some Feedback from you about your boat,
    * plus and minus, further
    * what kind of equipment would you like in your next boat
    * what kind of equipment you would leave with the dealer 😉
    Many thanks in advance for your highly appreciated reply
    Wish you a safe and interesting journey

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hi Rudy! We had Fata for 3 years now and are super happy with our choice, but you must know, that each person likes different things in a boat and has a different style of sailing/cruising, therefore the choice of a boat varies from person to person. same for the choice of equipment, it is based on your needs and preferences. For us the most important aspect of cruising is OFF GRID. we need to be independent of fuel, fresh water etc., so for us the most important piece of equipment are the solar panels- 1500 watts with lithium batteries (not the traditional AGMs) , Spectra watermaker Catalina MK II, a kayak instead of a dinghy etc. We built a hardtop as soon as we got the boat and without it we wouldn’t have space for the solar panels. We also have a full enclosure, and this is a must for us. We do not use marinas, and we have no need for the air-conditioning , so this was the first thing we got rid of. We don’t use the engines and so our small propellers are not a problem.
      Plus and minuses- we love the space on the cat, she is heavy and built for heavy weather and still fast enough, shallow draft is good. I don’t now any minuses…it is our first boat and we have n base for comparison… We are overall super satisfied and we don’t want any other boat! If you have any other questions let me know. Good luck!

  8. s/y eroica says:

    hi gays,
    great achievement!
    you are like the new julia and dontcho papazovi but on personal budget !
    hope you are not so old and know, what i am talking about 🙂

    just a question on the battery bank:
    – 4 lithium batteries – how many amper/hour you have ?

    fair winds and always three feet under the keep!

    with best regards

    if you need a weather forecast, i may help you

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