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  1. Claire says:

    Hi there, I’m Claire and I’m delighted to be able to follow your journey! I’m a writer and sometime sailor who’s blogging about pirates, tall ships and life at sea at Princess of Pirates (

  2. Lee Miles says:

    I just read your piece on the Four Queens in the latest edition of Caribbean Compass (November 2015). This was a great summary of the key Spanish Colonial cities of the Caribbean: concise, informative, and well-researched. Being a longtime sailor and resident of Cartagena it was great to hear of your great experience here and to see the many fine photos here on your website. As we say here: “buen viento, y buena mar” (meaning: we wish you fair winds and a good sea).

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hi Lee, thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the Four Queens article and happy you found our blog!

      Yes, Cartagena is a beautiful enchanting city and we wish we had spent more time there.


  3. Daniel says:


    Congrats for your trip!!

    I am trying to find Adrian Krisha and Alex from Rumania/Bulgaria.
    We sailed together around bora bora and would love to catch up with them;
    I wonder if you could write me privately and post me their contact? The one I found in their web is not working!!

    Thanks so much for a big favour!!

    Keep going!

  4. Svenja & Andreas from Germany says:

    Dear Mira, Ivo and Maya,

    this is Svenja and Andreas from Germany! 🙂 We met in Costa Rica in a hotel in San Isidro and then again in the bus to San Gerardo de Rivas!!

    We have come back to Germany (after having visited Ciudad de Panamá and Cuba) and just checked out your homepage: beautiful!!!
    It is so good to hear that the three of you (you too, Mira, despite your worries!!) made your way up to the summit of Chirripó!! Wherever you are now, we hope you are all doing ok! It was SO nice meeting you! Actually, we have already told several friends back home about how we got to know you and your way of life! They were all at the same time a little bit jealous and a little bit scared, but mostly impressed by your spirit!!

    Your pictures of the Península de Osa reminded us of our trip- we did the same thing, andando, from Carate to Puerto Jiménez! We also did Corcovado National Park, and it was worth the price, I would say, but still, you’re right: very very expensive!!!!
    In San Gerardo de Rivas, we visited the Cloudbridge Reserve which was for free and had nice little paths. But your adventure climbing Chirripó makes me want to go back to CR and climb it as well!

    Too bad that we didn’t meet again in San Gerardo de Rivas! We asked a Duenio there if we could put up our tent in his plantation which was awesome b/c we had the most amazing view from our tent on the whole valley and could almost see sunrise AND sunset!! 🙂 Plus, we could use the water system he had put up for his plants to fill our bottles with nice, fresh mountain water and got invited to try his tomatoes that had been grown without pesticides.

    We wish you all the best for your journey and will continue checking out your homepage!!

    Liebe Grüße from Germany!! 🙂
    Svenja and Andreas

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hey guys! So so happy to hear from you! This made my day 🙂 We are super happy we met you, twice, too!

      It is great that you had such an amazing time in Costa Rica, a beautiful country with so much to see and do! I think Osa Peninsula is our favorite experience there!

      I will keep publishing stories in the blog, although i am alwsys a month or two behind, and if you want to check where we are now, you can do so on our Facebook page, where i try to post updates every day @ The Life Nomafik .

      Hope we meet again someplace!

  5. Jim Sadler says:

    Hello Nomads,
    Are you open to hosting a retired person in a cabin for a month or two? Please email me and lets exchange ideas. Looking to experience the cruising life before making the sailboat purchase.

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hi Jim, for now we don’t accept guests an we don’t charter, mainly because we move a lot and we don’t know when and where we are going to be… But we plan to do this in the future, at some point. But there is a lot of people who are open to take crew, you can try website. Good luck with your future plans!

  6. Mike says:

    Very interesting blog about father Jerome and cat island.

    I am writing a book on Monsignor john Hawes (Father Jerome) in Western Australia.

    Could I have your permission to use your photographs of his buildings on cat island?

    Kind regards

  7. Ginette Michaud says:

    My name is Ginette Michaud. I am the art director for a magazine called Good Times. Good Times is a national magazine aimed at Canadian’s 50-plus.

    In our June issue, we’re doing a story on Dominica. I saw a photo of the Champagne Reef and I would like to use it in my magazine. I need it in in high resolution for publishing and without watermark if possible. (You can e-mail me and I will send you the photo I like.
    I will put all the credit necessary.

    Best regards,
    Ginette Michaud
    Senior Publications Inc.
    Good Times magazine
    Art Director
    4475 Frontenac, Montreal, QC, H2H 2S2
    E-mail :

  8. Eric Wiberg says:

    Dear Mira,Ivo, Maya and Viktor –
    Like you, I have sailed blue water (I’m from Nassau and crossed Atlantic and Pacific under sail), and like you I enjoy Mailboats in Bahamas. In fact I am finishing a 6-year book MAILBOATS OF THE BAHAMAS, 200 Years of Maritime History. You can see more at my blog with 900 or so posts of maritime history at the “search” tab upper right. I asked for help with photos but could not find it and my photos are not good. Yours, by the way, of the CAPT GURTH DEAN in Great Harbour, are really good! I wonder if it would be OK, if I give you full credit however you wish and list your website, if I could use 1-2 of your images of GURTH DEAN and the cargo operations? I have very few of Abaco Cays, most of my travels have been southwards or Sandy Point. Greatly appreciate your consideration, I can thank you in my book. My memoir “Round the World in the Wrong Season” may be of interest to you? Epub, Kindle etc on Amazon. Thanks, Eric

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