The Crew

Every Journey Begins With A Dream


We had visions of blue islands and miniature orange fishes being carried away in the clouds by seagulls. We have seen in our dreams the sounds of tropical flowers and dry spices in the hands of transparent people. Could it be that we are insane, that we are some sort of lunatic shamans at the center of the universe?


Ivo, Mira and Maya

Ivo, Mira and Maya


We are a family with Bulgarian origins currently living and traveling aboard a sailboat. We are Evo, Mira and 10-year-old Maya aboard Fata Morgana.

Our cruising adventures around the world, a voyage into a new and unknown way of life, started in July of 2013 with zero sailing experience aboard our first sailboat, a 38-foot Leopard catamaran Fata Morgana. We have left behind work, school, and home in order to prove that there are alternative ways of living, traveling and experiencing the world outside of the system , looking for ultimate freedom and adventure, and living off-grid visiting some of the most beautiful and pristine places on the planet on a ridiculously minimal budget.

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Who are we?

 Ivo (skipper)


Ivo is full of energy, always hyper, always busy with something to do, works double time; talks fast and loud and constantly; full of crazy ideas and projects. Fast learner with many skills. Perfectionist. He is one of those rare lateral thinkers and when faced with a strange unexpected situation comes up with the weirdest solution. Like pulling the boat with kayak in deadcalm…

He loves beer. Also loves diving, fishing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and hiking.

Born in 1976 on the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria, his dream as a child was to become a captain on a boat so that he can visit tropical countries and eat as many bananas as he likes. (There weren’t any bananas in the 1980s in communist Bulgaria…). He studied at a specialized high school for Marine Diesel Engines but refuses to use them. We strictly and fanatically sail even when sailing seems impossible.

As a child Ivo used to spend the summer vacations at his grandparents’ rural Bulgarian village populated by old people and farm animals. And not a single friend to play with. Being a social creature, he had no choice but to become friends with the old people and play with the farm animals. Thus, at age eight, he had acquired the wisdom of an elder, convinced that Family and not the atom, is the most important inseparable particle in the universe, no matter what. He also realized, back then, that animals, unlike most humans, can be trusted, respected, and loved unconditionally. His love for Nature is immense.

Ivo met his first girlfriend when he was 17. Her name is Mira and he loves her very much.





Me, I  am a very curious person, always trying to go further and find out more. I am not very practical, I am more interested in the surreal, abstract, ephemeral, and magical, than the present or logical.  I tend not to remember important things like dates or phone numbers, but would memorize a line from a book or a film or a poem. I am also easily impressed, for me the world is fascinating. I am most interested in  people and their stories as well as in places and their histories. I am not seeking the luxurious but rather the authentic.

Born the same year as Evo, at the same place, I learned French in high school and later studied photography and Spanish language in Concordia University, Montreal.

I love foreign films and good books, snorkeling, hiking, cooking, dancing, and learning new things. My favorite fruit is mango.





Maya resembles Ivo a bit. Like him, she is always at the centre of every situation and hates to be alone. She has a „hug-meter“ and when the meter is down, she announces: I need a hug, anyone? And we are always happy to help.

She is full of energy and, at age eleven, she knows exactly what she wants from life.

Many of her friends are adults and when you ask her, What do you want to be when you grow up, she will answer you, I think I want to be an artist. Truth is, she is one already. She has proudly accepted the fact that she is different in many ways from most kids her age.

Music is as important to her as air and water. Her drawings and paintings often have strange subjects and a very particular style. Her favorite painters are Botero and Archimbaldo. She is also a great performer. One day, she did a performance for me I still remember: laying on the living room floor on her back, very still, her arms close to her body, looking strait up, she slowly started to move her feet and hands without detaching them from the floor waiving them from side to side ever so gently. She did this for a few minutes with periods of absolute stillness, before explaining, she was a meadow.





When we started this adventure we were four. Our 17-year-old son Viktor spent over a year with us aboard Fata Morgana and was until recently also a part of this journey, but after a few months of cruising and sailing he decided to return back to Canada, where we used to live, to continue his education and start his own life. At his age he didn’t want to be on an adventure with his parents and little sister, stuck on a boat with them 24/7. And even though he enjoyed a good part of our adventures together: swimming in a dark cave in Guatemala, hiking up the highest Caribbean mountain Pico Duarte with mules and a guide, visiting Mexico and eating tacos every day, snorkeling in the Thunderbolt Grotto in the Bahamas and many more, he wanted to go back to his friends and his old way of life.

Although we miss him a lot, we support his decision and we know he will do great and be very happy and successful in everything he does, he is a great guy. Surely, one day he will return to visit us wherever we are.



This is our story as we go.




4 Responses to The Crew

  1. Jim "Kimo" Sadler says:

    Come stay with us if you are ever on Kauai, Hawaii.

  2. Zac Chapman says:

    Seen your clip of Niue Island which feature a short clip of my Nephew Mo, hope you enjoyed your time there and your travels.

    Looks like you have been able to see quite a bit of NZ and the Pacific as well, great work.

    My wife and I are also avid travelers and have been able to see a huge part of Europe, Bulgaria is on the list as well but not made the trip yet, enjoy your world travels.

    • lifenomadik says:

      Hi Zac and thanks for this comment! Yes, it has been quite an adventure visiting New Zealand, Niue and the rest of the Pacific Islands. Hope you enjoy your travels in Europa and Bulgaria!

  3. Petio Ivanov says:

    I love that I just stumbled on your site as I was doing research on tent camping in Costa Rica. Being a Bulgarian Canadian myself, a father of young kids and an avid traveler and adventurer I can relate to your story. I would love to meet you one day and exchange stories.

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